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SOILMAP Software Main Screen

SOILMAP Software Main Screen

SOILMAP Desktop is a web application designed to process the data and information gathered through soil sampling of your fields. The software is then used by the SOILMAP team and your agronomists to determine fertilizer recommendations. Additionally, SOILMAP software allows you to plan (chemicals, fertilizers, seed), create cost comparisons, acquire history reports and determine blendsheets. Other capabilities include soil-type books, seed population maps and farm maps. We are currently integrated with a number of accounting programs to facilitate greater accuracy and efficiency with the accounting program you utilize. We are also integrated with Murray, Ranco, Junge and Kahler automated blenders. With this integration we are able to return product Actuals into accounting.

With SOILMAP software, you’re able to gain valuable insight into the needs and capabilities of your fields that will, in turn, assist you in making the best possible management decisions in the effort to maximize your return on investment.

SOILMAP Data Management

SOILMAP Data Management (DM) empowers the decision making process of producers by compiling and analyzing multiple years’ worth of field data and records, leading to a much more complete understanding of their fields. Data Management users are able to combine planting data and yield data as well as soil sample analysis information to create fertility recommendations or planting scripts as well as generate reports such as Yield by Variety by Soil Type by N applied across a single field or farms. More information on the SOILMAP Data Management program can be found here: click this link /data-mgmt/

SOILMAP Fleet Management Software

SOILMAP Fleet Management (FM) allows users to track vehicles and other rolling assets from a software application. With this software, every movement of each asset can be organized for greater savings. SOILMAP FM is capable of providing real time and on-screen visuals on all assets. This software was designed for agriculture and its primary focus is to gain efficiencies and add value to the movement of products while optimizing application services. To learn more about SOILMAP FM, click this link /fleet/

SOILMAP Sync (iPad)

SOILMAP now has an iPad app called SOILMAP Sync.  All of your field boundaries sync seamlessly from SOILMAP to SOILMAP Sync.  This app will assist you with crop scouting as well as the ability to view all documents created in SOILMAP on the tablet.  You now have the ability to view field data in the field and on the go.

SOILMAP Automated Blenders

SOILMAP has the ability to send an electronic transaction file that contains all necessary data on a blend-sheet formulation to the blender system’s computer. This saves the time and possible errors of manual entry. Once the blending equipment dispenses and/or mixes the assigned products the measured values can be returned to SOILMAP and accounting software via the same system. It does not use the absolute newest technology; but instead a time tested system that has worked flawlessly over the last five years. The technology used is very similar to an ATM money transfer.

SOILMAP Accounting Interface

With the SOILMAP system we can connect to your companies accounting program and send job information back and forth between the two programs. This saves a lot of time and removes duplicate entry of work order information.

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